Friday, 20 May 2011

IF - Safari

Howdy howdy, 

How is everyone doodling this week?! As you can see, I have been massively self indulgent this week in interpreting the theme Safari...

Why not? Thats what I say Gosh Darn It! I have wanted to draw a Scarlet Macaw ever since a beautiful photo of one appeared on my wall of inspiration...

Also, I have been reading the amazing book 'Water for Elephants' and been stolen away and heavily influenced by their menagerie. (Read it! read it read it read it, you will thank me later...and read it before you watch the film, which is also very good, well done Pan Face Cederic Diggory, sterling job!) 

So... Don't be shocked if circus paintings start appearing, AND I am off to my cousins circus themed wedding next week!!!! Exciting! It would be madness if circus work DIDN'T start appearing! 

I also have been looking to push my page composition and angles which I managed to get into this piece. The three little chappies holding onto the balloons don't look quite so sure of the situation as young Mr Macaw. I have subconsciously named this picture 'Escape to Africa'. Even though I'm pretty sure all these animals aren't even from the same continent. However, upon arrival (...and they will get there, by jove!) the friends will all live together helping each other out! Hurray!

Love it!

Have a splendiferous weekend full of all your favorite things!

Nats x

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  1. i feel a little bit of 'UP' inspiration is in there too Miss Gore!!! Enjoy the wedding xxx