Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I.F. Stripes / Cinderella


Firstly I apologise for the badly photoshopped image of my painting, the weather is awful and I normal photograph my work in natural light to assure my mediocre photoshop 
skills are enough to make an image look ok. 

Unfortunately the light in my studio is just grey...and pooey,
so here it is!

My picture of cinderella for this weeks Illustration Friday image!
I drew this picture for a print making class some time ago, but I alway regretted not doing a 
watercolour version...I used I.F. as an excuse to revisit this drawing.
I am not sure this photo is very flattering with the massive shadow... 

Righto - back to work Nats, no more procrastinating,

Bye chaps x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

I.F - Scary

Alright chaps?!!

How do? I can't remember whether I have blogged since getting married I am now Mrs Perry!!! 
All very growd up :) 
Once we get our official wedding photos back I shall post some pictures of all the art work and creativeness that went into our day of weddification wonder! 

But for now I shall tell you about my picture I am posting. I used the title of this weeks Illustration Friday to stop being so fussy and protective over a story book I have been writing about monsters and bash out an image for it. 

So though it is not exactly scary, it does have monsters in...which are scary...right? 

Any critique on this bad boy would be appreciated as I have been muchos 
experimental with styles and techniques. 

All being well there should be a flow of images to follow this one as I have been granted a week to work on personal projects, which is very exciting and hopefully not too much freedom for all the ideas stuck in nooks and crannies of my brain box.

Hope your all well,

Tis grand to be blogging again,

Natalie Perry x

p.s. watch this space for name changes on web page or blog :)