Thursday, 28 April 2011

Illustration Friday - Bicycle

Ellooo, this week I have be mainly thinking about: Baby birds! 

They seem to be everywhere at the moment with the whole Easter Ma Bob and Spring and all things chocolaty! Next doors chucks have just hatched a new baby fuzzy thing, he is tiny and terribly eager, running to always be close to his mum, often bumping into her and falling over... very cute! 

Mouse, one of our little chucks, laid her first egg on Easter Sunday... she looks very chuffed with herself and has taken to doing glory laps of their pen before going to bed at night.  

I got all carried away with my friday illustration picture this week... the theme be bicycle! Luke mentioned bicycle powered flying machines, Leo Da Vinci Stylee and from there my bird brain found this! I truly hope the little chappy in the picture succeeds on his mission and the little peepers are up and flying in no time! 

Righto chappingtons, full of the flu and boggey-things, I am off to feel sorry for myself.

Enjoy the royal wedding!

Nats x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Illustration Friday: Journey

Howdy howdy,

I think for this weeks Illustration Friday, I may well have done a mildly autobiographical piece without meaning to. Don't worry, I'm not going to dive into the whole; 'we all are journeying to find our place in this world' blarb. However, I may well roll up me bloomers and have a paddle in the whole; 'do you ever feel like putting a box on your head and riding away on a lovely big fluffy companion' blarb. 

Just a short one this week, the sun is too busy sunning for me to be inside blogging, but I do wish you all a gorgeous week and want to share the ' Mumford and Sons' love I am feeling at the moment, my Moomin lent me the album and I just can't get enough of it!

So with a box on my head, a large fuzzy friend and a home made map I am off to embark on the journey...who knows what will come my way, but thats the fun bit! 

Nats x

Friday, 15 April 2011

Graveyard Man

Happy Friday!

This is my little Graveyard chappy, he is for a story I am cooking up in the old brain box and once this image had come into my head I just had to get painting.

Thank you to June for her help on blogging, all being well, this picture should appear all fine and dandy on your computer screen, unlike the treacherous pirate who invaded the text on the right and generally wreaked havoc.

Righto, over the next week I am attacking my if you want to see all my work, look now! because soon it will be put under hard core judgement and some brutal digital spring cleaning will be taking place.

Have a grand weekend!

Nats x  

Monday, 11 April 2011

First Blog - Illustration Friday

Ahoy chaps! I am a first time blogger, be kind, be patient and please don't throw things at my head if it all goes horribly wrong (e.g. how big does one put images on this thing?!!! is my small pirate too small?!or maybe he will come out giant!what will happen when I press post!? a whole world of the unknown!) 

This is an image I have done for Illustration Friday. This weeks theme is : Bottled 
I am working on a pirate piece (arrrrrrr!) at the minute and this seemed like the logical answer. Poor little chappy, I have trapped him in there for an eternity and I'm a little worried about his air supply.

Blog plan is to post all new and exciting work on here and to ramble on in a philosophical way. I shall be coherent, intellectual, philosophical and erm .... stuff. Posts at least once a week for illustration friday and other times with other work.

Please be my friend!

Nats x