Sunday, 17 July 2011

Overdue Mural blog

Hello, I'm not going to waste time apologising for being a bloggin' loser...we all know that, so skip the part where I gibber on about being busy and all that blarb...and...

Well, here is the blank canvas...previously primed by another company and 
I have done a base coat of the cream colour you see here.

Now can you see why I was so excited about this commission? 
Ooooh, the potential! Gets my toes a tingling...

Inside is divided into two basic rooms, as seen here.
These pictures were taken when I had mapped out the image and started to fill colour.

...After a bit more time.

...And more time. It is now that disaster struck... 
Salt started to come through the walls, blooming 200 year old brick work. 
Unfortunately I lost a day and a wall of work to the great salty problem of 2011.

I should have known, salty sea dogs n' all that.

...Couple of different angles on the progress.

There that should do it!


Yarrrrr, here's be hopin' ye likes it!

As you can see, I use only the best paints, for this I used an amazing eco friendly, extremely vibrant, brilliant masonry paint which I have used several times before and they are great! If you want to know contact details for the company, I would be happy to pass it on. 

Thank you to the education centre that had me in to do this project, it really was a pleasure to work with all the kids and staff! They all made me feel very welcome :)

Also, a special shout out to the paint master Kieran whose idea it was for the big ol' skeleton on the exterior wall, yarrrrrrr!

I'll try for another blog sooner then this one, soon will be all the wedding art work 
which I'll post up after our wedding day! 

Hope all is well with you chaps?
 Right, now to cook a monster sunday dinner, yay!


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  1. Your finished project is just wonderful. Loved seeing the work in progress! looking forward to more.